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Feb 05, 2009 at 09:46 AM

Elster VAT 2009 problem



we cannot send VAT 2009 declarations. Error back from Elster is as mentioned in OSS note 1288061:

Fehler beim Parsen des XML-String aufgetreten(SAX):Datatype error: In element 'Jahr' : Value '2009' must be one of [2008].(im Steuerfall Nr. 1)(org.xml.sax.SAXException)

we imported the new stylesheet ustva_2009.xsl, but did not help. XI 3.0 content and ERP SP are up to date.

The error is here in the RFC data from the ERP system:


<CONTENT><Anmeldungssteuern art="UStVA" version="200801"></CONTENT>


that 200801 is wrong, but we did not enter that anywhwere in the report FOTV, instead we made declaration 2009 01.

When I manually change that RFC-XML item to 200901, and resend via XI, it works fine. So it must be a problem in the ERP-System not correctly sending the right RFC Input data.

Is there some customizing we missed where we need to set the new year 2009 ? The relevant notes do not mention that. We are on ECC 5.0 SP 20.