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Feb 05, 2009 at 07:40 AM

Logbackups not running after some time


Good morning!

I´m not sure if this is the right subforum for backup questions, but in the end it has something todo with the database.

We have this problem for some time now. After a complete SAP and server reboot all planned backups (DB13) are running fine. Then after a week the jobs suddenly stop and are marked red in DB13.

The job protocol says:

04.02.2009 22:00:27 Error! Connection failed to node sapproddb for database PRD:

04.02.2009 22:00:27 tp error:

04.02.2009 22:00:27 External program terminated with exit code 2

04.02.2009 22:00:27 DBMCLI returned error status E

04.02.2009 22:00:27 Job ended

Normally the job copies the logs into a file on a server node (it´s a two-node cluster with the database on node2) into a folder on E: ackupPRD_LOG (I see a PRD_COM right now). Somehow this isn´t working after a time.

Strange thing is: We can start the job manually, so there´s no problem with the server or the diskspace. What else can we look into?

Thanks for any help!

kind regards, Peter

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