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Feb 05, 2009 at 06:17 AM

wage type posting attributes


Hi Guys

The client has two payment WTs for termination employees through which employee is paid for unused vacations. The current scenario is : One company code PESI uses WT 1234 that has symbolic account type C - posting to expense account. Another company code COCA uses WT4321 that has Symbolic A/c type F - posting to Balance sheet a/c. Obviously they are mapped to two different G/Ls say 111111 & 222222.

Now they want to use one of the two WTs for both the company codes. So the question is : Can we do it without disturbing the other WT. i.e

Can we use just one WT1234, for both the co codes by manipulating the symbolic account with employee grouping so that for employee of compny PESI the WT 1234 hits G/L 111111 and for employee of company COCA, the same WT1234 hits G/L 222222.

Remember , currently the Sym A/c are expense & balance sheet a/c. When I tried by changing the G/L of exp A/c with G/L of bal. sheet A/c, system did not give error. Even payroll posting was done successful, except that I got a warning message that " Do not assign any objects in cost accounting to account 2222222".

Not sure what I am doing is correct or not? or is there a better way to achieve this?

Please suggest.

Thanks in advance