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Feb 05, 2009 at 04:37 AM



Hi Experts,

I have to Data Transfer the PO Transactions Records from Legacy System(MSSQL DataBases) to B1 . Here the issue is that the in Legacy System the PurchaseOrder Numbers are Alphanumeric Values and that too in discontinuous series fashion. Like First PO might have PONumber 00000100/PO , Second 00000145/PO ans soon. Here SAP B1 fiirstly does not allow Alphanumeric Values in DocNum field. Secondly the DocNum cannot be Series(Primary) value as it wont be in continuous fashion . Hence I would have to use manual DocNum not Primary where it is not allowed to enter Alphanumeric Values .

Another issue related to this problerm is that the Legacy System holds Same PONumbers for different Months Like 00000145/PO for month April,2008 and same PONumber 00000145/PO for Month May,2008 . B1 does not allow manual PONumbers to be duplicate .

PLZ suggest me some key points for resolving these issues.