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Feb 04, 2009 at 11:44 PM

BI IP DataSlices runtime issue on Bex Analyzer Application.



- We are using BEx Analyzer based IP application.

- We have built EXIT class data slice to set the data slice active/inactive at run time.

- On the IP workbook, we have Save and Submit buttons . Save is simply to save the data on the workbook. Submit is to save and copy the data from value type 10 to a new value type 20.

- The input ready query is set to value type 10. We want to have dataslice active/inactive on value type 20 only and this happens when data is being copied from value type 10 to 20 in the submit function.

- So, in other words, working value type 10 is always open. Only submitted value type '20' need to be locked or unlocked.

- On a side note, Locking or unlocking of value type 20 is being recorded in a custom z control table that is referenced in exit class.


The only one case we are having an issue is, the exit class is not being hit for the second time if we have performed the same activity.


Rav Koundinya