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Feb 04, 2009 at 05:03 PM

Differences in creating IDocs by creating and by changing dispatch not.


Hello experts,

we want to create an IDoc everytime we create a dispatch notification (VL01N) and everytime we change it (VL02N). Now we want to add certain QM data to this IDoc and we write this data to the memory and read it in the IDoc processing (like described [here|]). The problem is, that everything works correctly during creation of the dispatch notification and the IDoc has the expected information. But when we change the dispatch notification to create a new IDoc, the IDoc doesn't contain the fields. Debugging the IDoc creation also only works for dispatch notification creation... not for changes.

Does SAP start the IDoc creation in another process, when a dispatch notification is changed and uses the same process, when it is created? Is it possible to change this behaviour? Is it possible to fill a variable so, that it can be picked from everywhere... also from another processes?

Best regards,