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Feb 04, 2009 at 03:49 PM

consuming stateful web service via ABAP proxy


Hi all,

I´ve got the following scenario. I´ve a ABAP proxy generated based on a WSDL file. The provider is a WebService provided by a tomcat server. (no PI etc. as middleware). The problem i´ve now is that the webservice is stateful so I need a stateful communication between my ABAP report (client) and the Web Service.

I´ve already found the possibiliy to switch on the feature "Session-Oriented Communication" on "Preconfiguration Tab" of the ABAP Proxy Screen. But unfortunately it´s not working.

Anybody knows whether general system settings has to be changed for this. Or anybody has other tips.

I´m currentliy working on the SAP Discovery System v3 which is a Netweaver 7.0.

Many thanks in advance for your answers,