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Feb 04, 2009 at 03:20 PM

Middleware debugging an outbound qeueue



Iu2019m trying to debug a bdoc with the error u2018Fill in all required entry fieldsu2019. My question is where do you find the 'CALL TRANSACTION' statement?

I have followed the description below:

1. Display the BDOC in SMW01

2. Enter /h in the transaction code field

3. Press the 'retry to process message' button.

4. In the debugger - select the Settings button and 'In background task

do not process'

5. Enter F8

6. Create a new session for the outbound queue (/osmq1) there will be

an entry R3AUBUPA*** or CSA_BUPA**

7. Double-Click on this queue entry twice and choose Debug for the


8. In the debugger, set a breakpoint at statement 'CALL TRANSACTION' and then press F8.

9. At this statement double-click on the statement CALL_TRANSACTION and

change the variable CALL_TRANSACTION_MODE from N to A, press the

'change field content' button and then press F8

10. Now you will be in the R/3 System and you can see the batch input

screen for this customer and you will then be prompted for the

missing field in the BDOC.