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Feb 04, 2009 at 12:33 PM

Variable Values Resetting to # (or 00.0000)



I have a problem with our web template, although the same thing happens on the SAP default template.

Run a template, and you are shown the variable selection screen. For this particular query, there are 2 variables, namely SITE and FISCAL PERIOD/YEAR.

I leave the values blank, and run the report.

The report comes back with data. There is only data for site B01 and period 005.2008, but as I left the selection screen values empty, it tried to return all data.

If I look at the report information, I see that there are no dynamic filters applied, as expected based on the values I used on the selection screen.

If I now try to broadcast the report via email, the report refreshes, and shows No Data Available. If I now look at the report information, I see that there are 2 dynamic filters applied. Site has been set to #, and period has been set to 00.0000. There is no data for those values, hence No Data Available is shown.

If I run the report and enter B01 / 005.2008 in my variable selection screen, I get the same report data coming back, and I am able to broadcast via email.

The problem seems to be that if the values are left blank, when I choose to broadcast they are then reset to # (or 00.0000 for period), and I don't know why this is.

Please let me know if there is a decent solution out there?

We are on NW2004s SP16.