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SAP System Refresh P->Q: Content Server / SARA Archive / MaxDB

Hi all

I've made a system refresh of our ERP system Prod (source) to QA/Test (target) with database backup/restore (Oracle).The ERP Prod-Systems each have a dedicated SAP ContentServer 650 with MaxDB on IIS which is used for SARA/Archiving.

After the copy I did some follow up activites in the target, e.g. I replaced the System-PSE and did some customizing to OAC3 so that the target system points to the QA-ContentServer. In CSADMIN I sent the new PSE to the ContentServer, activated it and deleted the old PSE.

I copied the Prod-ContentServer via MaxDB Backup to the QA-ContentServer with Restore-with-Initialization.

Report RSCMST runs fine in the target system. I can create an archive via SARA and access it.

However, all "old" archives which are accessible in the source-system (and in the source-contentserver) are not available, although I think they should be.


HTTP error: 404 (Not Found)  ""

    Message no. CMS025


    Error in accessing via HTTP

    404 (Not Found)


CS_Trace shows

2016-11-08/16:44:53 [5004] In ProcessCommand - CURRENT LOCALE SETTING IS - 'C'
2016-11-08/16:44:53 [5004] DB - ODBC Driver Version :
2016-11-08/16:44:53 [5004] DB - BeginTransaction : handle 0000000000F3F7F0
2016-11-08/16:44:53 [5004] DB - FetchDoc ecf4bbceaa751ed6a9ba55360b7780cc begin 0000000000F3F7F0
2016-11-08/16:44:53 [5004] DB - FetchDoc end - error: 1 
2016-11-08/16:44:53 [5004] DB - FetchDoc ECF4BBCEAA751ED6A9BA55360B7780CC begin 0000000000F3F7F0
2016-11-08/16:44:53 [5004] DB - FetchDoc end - error: 1 
2016-11-08/16:44:53 [5004] 404 (Not Found)
Content-Type: text/plain
Content-Length: 19
X-ErrorDescription: ""

I already restarted IIS/ContentServer several times.

What's wrong? What did I miss?



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    Nov 09, 2016 at 10:54 AM

    Solved. However, I'm quite sure this is not officially supported, but maybe it helps others.

    First of all we use a logical repository ZARCH which resolves to ZARCH_SID on every system. ContentServer.ini has ContReps defined like ZARCH_SID

    I logged in to MaxDB with MaxDB Studio SAPR3-User and had a look at the table contents (default PW: SAP)

    The table CONTREP has the definition of the ContReps, e.g. ZARCH_SIP and ZARCH_SIQ, along with an ID (CONTREPNR, 1 and 2)

    The actual data is stored in COMPONENTS<CONTREPNR> and DOCUMENTS<CONTREPNR>

    First of all I copied the newly created archive(s) from ZARCH_SIQ to ZARCH_SIP by SQL-means

    insert DOCUMENTS0001 select * from DOCUMENTS0002
    insert COMPONENTS0001 select * from COMPONENTS0002

    Afterwards I renamed the entries in column CONTREPNAME in table CONTREP (with MaxDB Studio Content View; CONTREPNR was left unchanged), restarted IIS

    All archives (old and new) are now accessible via SARA/SARI

    If you have questions about this feel free to contact me.

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