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Feb 04, 2009 at 04:07 AM

Create Attachments to Generic Object Services from Webdynpro appliccation



I have requirement to Create Attachments to Generic Object Services(GOS) in equipment master (IE03) from webdynpro when a user clicks on upload button and also allow the user to delete the attachments .

Can anyone advice me of any Function Modules or logic to use from Web GUI.

I used below logic from R/3 to create attachments, but from webdynpro this method doesn't work.

DATA lo_attachment TYPE REF TO cl_gos_document_service.

CREATE OBJECT lo_attachment.

CALL METHOD lo_attachment->create_attachment

EXPORTING is_object = ls_object

IMPORTING ep_attachment = lp_attachment

Your inputs are appreciated.


Rajesh Yalda