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Feb 04, 2009 at 03:19 AM

How to debugg a Web Service ? Any T-code Available?


Hi all,

I developed a ZRFC enabled function module that creates a Sales Order in CRM for both Normal Materials and Configurable materials.

The RFC works perfect and if I test it in SE37 t-code I am able to generate the Sales order with all the Characteristic values for the VC material.

Now I exposed that RFC as a Web Service by calling the web service creation wizard u2026.. and I am testing the Web Service in SOAMANGER T-code.

Now the Web Service generates the Sales Order but the configuration data is missing..i.e if I go and check the Sales order in SAP GUI..i find that the Characteristic Values are missing for the variant configurable material.

So now I created another Web Service for this RFC function module and still I encounter the same problemu2026..........

If any thing is wrong with the RFC..i know that I can debug it using the ABAP debuggeru2026but everything is perfect at RFC end u2026u2026u2026the problem is with web serviceu2026

How can I debug the web service?....can I call ABAP debugger for monitoring what is happening while I test web service in SOAMANGER t-codeu2026if so how should I do it?

Did anybody encounter this problemu2026please help me. I encountered this for the first time and I am not finding any relevant posts for this behavior of web service which is bit funny and weirdu2026

Please helpu2026.if some one has some thought on this I need to figure it as as soon as possible.

Any help will be highly appreciated..

Thanks in advance