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Feb 03, 2009 at 11:43 PM

Staffing changes and how to handle within the middle of a project



Our users have this issue. They have a project set up that is partially complete. Let's say the project lasts three years and we have finished half of the project. We have a resource staffed to a role that has been listed as the responsible person for a number of tasks. The role also has tasks assigned to it. This person isn't responsible for all of the tasks assigned to this role, just a subset. We are half way through the project so some of the tasks are completed.

This person moves to a new team. I want to ensure they don't see the tasks for this particular role anymore, but want to keep the information that they were responsible for some completed tasks prior to moving to a new team.

So far the only we we have to do this is to go through all completed tasks for which they were the responsible person, reset complete, delete responsible person, and mark complete. This is so we can delete the staffing assignment since this person has moved to a different team.

Is there any way to show that they were assigned to the role for half of the project, leave the completed tasks alone, but keep the user from seeing future work for his/her old team on the task dashboard? We are losing the history of what this person worked on because it is more important to ensure they see an accurate picture of their current and future work assignments.

I tried putting start and end date values for the staffing assignment, but I still see the future tasks on my task dashboard even though my end date has passed.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Wendy Miller