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Feb 03, 2009 at 06:23 PM

List of Values (dynamic parameter) times out once and then works.


Hello. First time posting here. I'm having a strange (yet very predictable) issue with Crystals Reports List of Values. The List of Values is used on a dynamic cascading prompt and is published to the BO XI R2 repository. The prompt/list works fine when using Crystal Reports thick client, but when using the Crystal Reports viewer from InfoView the following happens everytime:

1. Any Report that uses the Parameter/LOV is launched.

2. After about 1-2 minutes, the viewer returns a "Timeout" error message.

3. The report is launched a 2nd time.

4. The parameters/LOVs display (takes about 8 seconds) and the report runs fine.

Then anytime a report is run within a certain period of time it works ok. But if no one runs a report for an extended period of time (i'm not sure how long, but it's on the order of maybe 30 mins.. to an hour), then it starts all over again. In addition, if I restart the services/server this same thing will immediately occur. (time out once, but work after that for a period of time).

I initially did not schedule the LOV to get generated on the server and left it so that it's done in real-time when the report ran. But then when I ran into this error, I tried scheduling it every 10 minutes or so, but the error continues to happen.

I also restarted the server/etc to no avail.

I saw another post on here that was kind of similar and that suggested that starting the LOV services as a domain user (that had admin rights on the BO server) helped him. I tried this as well and restarted everything but that didn't fix my issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!