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Posting with clearing


Can someone tell me the steps to configure " posting with clearing" in the FI module.

What needs to be done to activate posting with clearing of FI documents



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3 Answers

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    Feb 03, 2009 at 04:23 PM

    Hi Shruti,

    In case you worked under roles you must set the corresponding object into the suitable roles in order users to be able to use this tx.

    Afterwards, you can set the document type for this clearing operations by changing the default entries on OBU1 tx. for document type and first posting key for "non enjoy" transactions.

    You can also create new entries for line items structure variant and assing it on FB00, dynphro "Open Items", for the corresponding user and any other customized option in this same tx.

    Nevertheless, I must tell you that the functionality for the transfer with clearing it is active and works inmediately per system design and no new settings are needed.

    I hope this information helps. Regards,


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    Former Member
    Feb 03, 2009 at 04:55 PM

    Hi Shruti are you looking for the F-04 transaction steps

    F-04 - GL Post with Clearing


    SAP System offers the following methods to clear accounts with open item management:

    u2022 Posting with clearing

    Using the posting with clearing function, you enter document line items and then select the open items to be cleared. Once you have fulfilled all the prerequisites for clearing, the system clears the open items. The system generates one or more offsetting postings for the open items to be cleared

    u2022 Account clearing

    In this clearing procedure, you select open items that balance to zero from an account. The system then marks these items as cleared. It enters a clearing document number and the clearing date in the document items. The clearing date can be the current date or a date that you enter manually. The clearing document number is the number of the most recent document involved in the clearing transaction.

    u2022 Automatic Clearing

    You can use the Automatic clearing program to clear open items from customer, vendor, and G/L accounts. This program uses predefined criteria to group together open items per account. If the balance of the group of open items equals zero in local, foreign, and where applicable, the parallel currency, the items are marked as cleared.


    In this scenario we performed post with clearing using transaction code F-04 (Manual clearing) with Partial clearing function.

    You can perform the same clearing for GL Account without posting using F-03.

    Menu Path Accounting  Financial Accounting  General Ledger  Document Entry  F-04 - Post with Clearing

    Transaction Code F-04

    2. Update the following required and optional fields on the screen accordingly:

    Field Name Description Values

    Document date Example: 08.06.2002

    Company code Enter here required company code number Example: 5200

    Period Number identifying a fiscal month Example: 06

    Currency/rate Code identifying the currency used in the transaction Example: USD

    PstKy Description of the PstKy. Example: 40

    Account Code identifying the General Ledger,

    Vendor, or Customer account Example: 114000

    Click Enter Button to confirm your entries

    3. Now enter the amount in the screen.

    4. Click Process open items Button

    5. Update the following required and optional fields:

    Field Name Description Values

    Comp Code Example: 5200

    Account Code identifying the General Ledger,

    Vendor, or Customer account Example: 119210

    Account type Example: S

    Check box activate for -Normal OI

    6. Click Process open items Button

    Note: All open items are selected. You need to deselect them first: and select what all ur trying to clear..

    8. Click Select all F7 Button

    9. Click Items Button . Deactivate Items

    10. Click the line To be Cleared

    11. Click Select Button ( in the left corner button with a pointer facing up)

    now if it is a partial amount

    12. Click <tab button> Partial pmt

    Note: With manual clearing only there are 3 way of clearing an open item (full , partial , residual) .

    A residual item results when a payment is made for less than the actual amount outstanding. You clear the original open item, and the system posts a new open item. This new open item is for the same amount as the original open item minus the amount paid

    A partial payment is a payment that is posted to an account without any open items being cleared. You assign this partial payment to an open item. When you post the partial payment, the system marks the document number of the original open item in the line item for the partial payment. The original open item and the partial payment remain open.

    For automatic clearing there are 2 transaction codes :

    u2022 F.13 - Without Specification of Clearing Currency

    u2022 F13E - With Clearing Currency Specified.

    13. Update the following required and optional fields:

    Field Name Description Values

    Payment amount Description of the Payment amount. Example: 100

    14. Click Enter Button to confirm your entries.

    15. Select DocumentSimulate.

    Note: The line 002 is highlighted in blue u2013 some additional data must be entered. Double click on this line and enter the required information.

    Click Save Button. to post your document.

    Hope this helps you

    jaybandasap gmail

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  • Feb 06, 2009 at 03:54 AM

    Hello shruti,

    Posting with clearing means in a simple passing a rectification entry by clearing the wrongly posted entry.


    pk glacc amount barea

    40 15000 10000.00 1000

    50 16000 10000.00 1000

    the above is entry posted after i posted this entry i realized that gl account 15000 is wrong one. So to rectify that one has to reverse this entry and pass new entry. instead of this activity you can pass one entry through F-51 with posting with clearing posting option. When we are passing this entry we have to give like 40 150001 10000.00 1000 after specified all the details choose document number in process items so that system will rectify that particular line item as you given and system passes automatic reverse entry with clearing.

    To pass post with clearing the document should not be a clearing document.

    Hope this can help you more,



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