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Feb 03, 2009 at 11:12 AM

Transport wpc dev to qa


Another question for you experts in here!

I have never done an transport from dev to qa, so i want to know if i'm on the right track!

If i want to make a transport package of the web page composer, I will go to: System Administration --> Transport --> Transport Packages --> Export. Rightmouse on the Web Page Composer folder --> New --> New Transport Package. I fill everything in and once i'm finished i select the option "open the object for editing". Rightmouse on the Web page composer folder --> add all object to transport package (delete my own transport package). Export --> start export -> download export file. And import the (*.epa) file on QA.

After this i would export the KM content, because the WPC content is saved in KM? Content Administration --> KM Content --> export --> Pending exports --> Transport Package. I need to fill in name/GUID and the path to the webcontent (of wpc). Save --> Start Export. Archived Exports --> download (Archives) and import this (*.kmc) file.

Is this the way to transport? Is it nescesary to export dev users/groups to the qa system? How is this arranged with the security settings? Will these be taken in to account automatically? Are there other tips and tricks that i can use! sorry for my english.