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Feb 03, 2009 at 10:46 AM

Starting a new session programatically



What is the best way to start a new session programatically?

Basically I have my logic inside a method (I could also include the logic inside a function). I have a button in my dynpro, and when I click this button, I want that a new session is opened. I think that it is possible to start a new transaction into a new session, but in my case I see it very unnecessary to create a new transaction for something that doesn't really require a transaction



Additional requirement: I was wondering that is it also possible to close the session programatically. So when the user has completed his task in the new opened session, the session would close automatically. I think that a bit similar thing happens in SU01 when you go to see the user's authorisations (new session is opened), and if you click "back" after you have checked the authorisations, the session will be closed automatically.

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