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Feb 03, 2009 at 10:27 AM

RSA3: error occured during extraction hierarchy



I have created 2 sets using tcode cxsa, ZAAA and ZBBB. Table that used for this set is FIMC and the field is RBUNIT. After that, i create generic hierarchy datasource using tcode BW07, enter the table name and field,then execute (custom data source with name 'ZFIECCS_HIER_CONS_UNIT' created). I don't use option 'Hierarchies of Sets with Compounding' here.

After that i try to use tcode RSA3, enter the datasource = ZFIECCS_HIER_CONS_UNIT, enter HIENAME = ZAAA or ZBBB but i get message error 'Error occured during extraction'.

I try to debug this extractor and find error happen in FM GSBH_HIERARCHY_TRANSFER_SETS, this happen because i_s_hiebas-hclass <> i_s_hiersel-hclass.

Then i try to execute program RSA1HCAT using tcode SE38. I enter my datasource and execute. I found that ZAAA and ZBBB not in list of hierarchy that can be accessed.

Anyone can help my problem?


Satria Budiman