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Feb 03, 2009 at 10:16 AM

Context Exception for context mapping between 2 components


Hi Guys,

Currently I am working on ess FPM applications,

I have 2 componets, VcComp1 & FcComp2, the data entered on the VcComp1 view should be passed to FcComp2.

I defined context attribute in FcComp2 Interface controller, and then I mapped it to the context value attribute of VcCompl1's view controller, then bind the input field with that context value attribute.

FcComp2 is added to the "used component" of VcComp1, all other mappings are also done.

but when i run the appl to display the view in VcComp1, always this error comes out: MappedAttributeInfo(VcComp1View.attribute1): does not have a simple type.

Even I changed the type of FcComp2 into a local dictionary simple type, then do context mapping again, this error is still there.

Please help , I have been stuck for 2 days on this small issue.

Thanks with high rewarding points!


Guo Feng