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Feb 03, 2009 at 06:40 AM

Foreign Currency Valuation -Error after reversal



We have carried out Foreign Currency Valuation transaction FAGL_FC_VAL for the month end of 31.01.2009. According our practice we do not allow accounts to be updated with this transaction code, therefore we do not tick the indicator of u201Ccreate postingu201D. We use the total value of the Foreign exchange gain/loss given in the report (FAGL_FC_VAL) and pass a manual entry (F-02).

But in this run for the key date of 31.01.2009 we have accidentally tick the u201Ccreate postingu201D indicator and as result our books were updated. To overcome this we have reversed those entries from F-08 and now the accounts represent the correct values with out the valuation figures.

The issue is when we try to run the valuation (FAGL_FC_VAL ) again for the key date of 31.01.2009 the system does not valuate the previously valued accounts. The message is populated saying u201CDocument 111111 01 2005 already valuated with the valuation area V on 31.12.2009u201D.

Canu2019t we carry out the valuation once again for the same period?