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Feb 03, 2009 at 05:19 AM

Call Function starting new task


I am getting a dump , when trying to call a local asynchronous RFC .Well dump is coming when i am trying to use receive statement to get data returnd by rfc.

Folowing error message has come when i saw in ST 22

"An error occurred when executing a REMOTE FUNCTION CALL.

It was logged under the name "At least one entry could not be "

on the called page."

so what can be the reason for this

call function 'ZRFC_PER_DIEM' starting new task lc_taskid performing subr on end of task


h_guid = it_header_guid_n

request_obj = lt_requested_objects_n.

wait up to '1' seconds.

read table gt_scl into ls_scl index 1.

p_transaction_per_diem = ls_scl-value.

read table gt_scl into ls_scl index 2.

transaction_currency_code = ls_scl-value.

form subr using task_id type clike.

data: p_transaction_per_diem type char13,

transaction_currency_code type char3.

receive results from function 'ZRFC_PER_DIEM'


value = gt_scl.


So basically i am getting dumo when receive statenment is running , by giving above dump.