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Nov 09, 2016 at 08:28 AM

How to comment on workitem in SAP Workflow


Hi All,

I'm working on Discount management workflow. In this scenario ,Agents are maintained in custom table based on discounts.

the process will flow like below

-> I have created a custom button in VA02, User click on that button to release the WF.

-> Then i have to calculate the discount based on some condition types and i need to check this discount in custom table.

ex: if discount is 12 , So National head(NH) will take action if the discount in between 7-13.

-> So WI went to NH sap inbox. But the problem here is , the agents below then NH like State Head(SH) want to comment on that sale order and the same text should be visible to NH. Based on that text he will take action like approving or not.

Here i'm not understanding, How to send a comment popup(like workitem with comment option without approve and reject buttons) to SH and how to display the same in NH Workitem.

Please tell me a possible way to solve it.