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Feb 02, 2009 at 09:09 AM

VBA + Filtering on hierarchy Nodes


Hi Murat,

I see you are facing the same topic as me. I have a question. Do you use Bex Analyzer for 3.x or the newer one for BI 7.0?

in "Analyzer 7" there isn't any SAPBEX.xla, only BexAnalyzer.xla.

Did you already solve the topic with filtering on hierarchy node? (do you want to set it in new or old one?)

Dim value_runit As String

'Variables deklaration for BEX

'BEX Objects

Dim dp As Object 'Data Provider

Dim dimension As Object 'Reporting Unit Dimension

Dim filters As Object 'BEx Filter Object

Set dp = BEx.DataProviders.Item("DP_1")

Set dimension = dp.Request.Dimensions.Item("ZCS_RDRUN")

Set filters = dimension.filters


Call filters.SetFilterValue(value_runit) ' --> value_runit can be single leaf or hierarchy node

Call BEx.FrontendUpdate

Call BEx.Render