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Feb 01, 2009 at 04:14 AM

SAP Archive Link and DMS integration configuration


Hi SAP Gurus,

I have always come across that SAP DMS is very well integrated with SAP Archive link, is that means SAP Archive link can be used as an storage location for storing original application files, in normal DMS check in original CV01N transaction.

does this Archive link appear as an option to be selected to store the original application file at CV01N Transaction, just like we get DMS_C1_ST (default SAP) or any ZDMS_SC01/02 (customised Storage catagories for checking in originals.)

another side iam also comming across SAP Archive link is an entierly different Module and involves different transactions to store documents and original.and no where related to DMS.

iam not able to draw at any conclusion weather to suggest Archive link as an storage medium for DMS check in originals, as i have not used it earlier in DMS.

Can this SAP Archive Link server be used as an sole and single original applicaion file storing system for DMS?

if so will it support all the DMS funtionalities, if not what is this fully integrated means, is it limited to make an copy / transfer of excess DMS files in SAP Archive server from existing DMS server? iam confused

please clarify.

Points awaiting for clarification.

Thanks and regards,