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Jan 30, 2009 at 01:45 PM

Display different things when no results


We have some reports that when we populate parameters may contain no results. the way the reports have been defined we still see somewhat the same look and feel (albeit with nothing in them) when there are no results as when there are results. Is there anyway that we can check for this condition (no results returned for report) before we display the report? Something in the viewer, reportSource, or ReportClientDoc would be perfect. Our requirement is to show a nice "No results Found" screen when this occurs and if we cannot do it based on querying some getter in those objects I will have to have a mapping of report names to SQL and call the sql once before rendering a report to determine this myself. (which will kill us on performance. some sql can take a few minutes to execute, which will effectively double our response time (once for me to execute, once to Crystal to execute).