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Jan 30, 2009 at 09:34 AM

Mass printing payslip problem


Hi all,

I was faced in a situation to create a custom payslip for my project.

My print program basically looks like this right know.


PERFORM F_GET_WAGE_RESULT. -> Get wage result

PERFORM F_PRINT_REPORT.-> call smartforms

Within the f_get_wage_result, wage result are then divided into 6 table based on wage type


*Main Income

*Other Income



*Main Deduction

*Other Deduction

*Loan Payment

Those table containing result of the pernr within the loop are then passed to the smartform.

Now as my smartform is called within the get peras loop, the window prompting the user to select its printing tool where user could choose print, print preview etc will be shown for every pernr processed.

Is there anyway to avoid this? So that, the smartforms is directly printed without the need of user input?