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Jan 30, 2009 at 03:51 AM

Finished good dis-assemble when rejected


Hello Gurus,

Good Day! I would like to seek some help with regards to a scenario wherein after a Finished Good is produced and found out in QI that it is rejected, this FG will be disassembled.

For example the BOM below:

Finished Good: FG1

Semifinished Good : SFG1, SFG2

Raw Material: RM1, RM2

In the scenario, the Finished Good will be rejected and will go to blocked stock.

From the Blocked Stock, it will be dissassembled into its seperate component.

The Semifinished Good (SFG1, SFG2) of this material will go to other storage location were it will be processed and will undergo crushing so it can be used again.

The Raw material (RM1 and RM2) will go to QI to be inspected if this material can be used again.

Question is how we will be able to do this transaction in the system. We are not using Repetitive Manufacturing so we cannot use the backflush functionality.

I tried to use movement type 310 Transfer posting Material to Material Reversal, but it needs 1 unit of material per Component which makes it incorrect.

Please let me know any ideas you can share.

Thank you,