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Jan 29, 2009 at 10:54 PM

Remote login in SM51 Fails / ECC 6.0 / HP-UX / Oracle 10


Hi All,

We had a cluster, 4 physical servers / 14 SAP Instances / HP-UX - Oracle 10G / ECC 6 EHP 3.

Basically we have a general RFC problem in the system. You can reproduce it simply in transaction sm51: In most of the instances whenever you try to change to an instance that has the same instance number than the one you are logged on at this moment, you will come back to this instance, e.g.:

you are logged on at host1_SID_01, start sm51 and try to change to the instances:


host3_SID_01 or


(or you try to display the system log or other). You will see (System - Status) that you don't change to these instances but will stay on host1_SID_01.

We found the SAP Note 662895 - Remote login using SM51 Fails. In this note they refer to the error: "Transaction termination 14 025".

Now we have this error (we upgraded from SAP 46C with another error in sm21).

The problem is that we really donu2019t understand exactly what they want to do in the SAP Note 662895:



Remote login in SM51 by double-clicking R/3 instances fails


You can use transaction SM51 to log in to another application server using RFC, without entering a password. Server "A"

Server "A" Server "B"


Remote logon via RFC




Double-click on the server B entry --->

If host name "B" was entered on server "A" as the gw/alternative_hostnames profile parameter, the local SAP gateway from server "A" is used when you log on to server "B". This results in the syslog message "Transaction termination 14 025".

The same error occurs if you try to open a new external mode on server "A".


Who is the origin server? Host A? Host B? In fact sometimes you can go from A to B and vice versa. So changing the gw/alternative_hostnames parameter doesn't appear to be a solution.

I would appreciate some tips about this Note / Problem.

Best Regards,

Erick Ilarraza