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Jan 29, 2009 at 04:42 PM

Poor performance with MSS Pagrs or Compensation Planning Module


We have performance problem for compensation planning, details of which

has been listed below.

We are experiencing VERY POOR PERFORMANCE when a manager tries to do

compensation planning for the 118 people who report to him. The following are the steps that

are involved when a manager tries to do compensation planning.

1) Plan : 2 mins

2) Apply Guidelines : 3 mins

3) Review: 3 mins

4) Send : 4 mins

We executed ST05 (SQL & RFC) trace in our back end ECC system and

found:1. Large no. of Selects on PA0001/HRP1001. When we tried to trace the

source code we found that the selects were predominantly from the function


Based on one of the suggestion on this forum we tried HRWPC_RFC_OADP_EVAL_DATAVIEW in the field CACHEMAXAGE, giving value as 10 and it improved performance little bit. I am looking for any other suggestion to improve performance via indexes etc. Any help will be highly appreciated,