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Jan 29, 2009 at 03:36 PM

Reorder Point proposals in the future


Hello gurus. I have the following situation.

I have a material that is maintained with MRP Type "VB" (Manual Reorder Point); it has a reorder point level and safety stock of 35 pieces.

I have 32 pieces of stock, so since I'm below reorder point; MRP proposes a Purchase Requisition for today's date (January 29), which is correct. If I then run MRP one more time, it doesnu2019t propose anything because weu2019re already covered.

Then I went in and changed the delivery date of the proposed requisition to be May 24. After that, I run MRP again and it creates a new requisition, also for today's date.

I played around with the dates and noticed that if I move the date of the original requisition to be between now and May 23, then MRP doesn't propose a new requisition; but as soon as I change it to be May 24 or later, then MRP proposes a new one.

My question is: How is this "cut-off" date calculated? How does the system decide that after May 24, I am no longer covered with that requisition, I need to have a new one?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.