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Nov 09, 2016 at 02:59 AM

Foreign Currency Revaluation for Multiple Local Currencies in 1 Company Code


Dear SAP Experts,

Kindly need your expertise and suggestion regarding my below case:

This company has 3 Local Currencies:

  • LC1 = USD (Company Code Currency)
  • LC2 = MYR (Group Currency)
  • LC3 = USD (Hard Currency)

Now we have GL Open Item transactions in USD (Transaction Currency = USD), in the month end period, we want to revaluate these transactions to LC2 (MYR) using Valuation Area for Group Currency. Below are the steps that I have done:

1. Tcode: FAGL_FC_VAL, enter Company Code, Valuation Key Date, and Valuation Area for Group Currency.

2. Tab Postings: Input Posting Parameters (Posting Date, Document Date, Reversal Date), and choose Posting Mode.

3. Tab Open Items: G/L Accounts: Tick Valuate G/L Accounts and choose GR/IR options.

My concern for point 3, if I choose "Do Not Valuate GR/IR Accounts", these USD transactions CANNOT appear while the other foreign currency transactions (e.g. SGD and EUR) can.

If I choose "Valuate GR/IR Accounts Using Information from FI Document" and input the GL Account in field "GR/IR Reference Costs", these USD transactions CAN appear along with the other foreign currency transactions. However, the GL Account is actually not related to GR/IR Accounts.

So my questions is: What is field "GR/IR Reference Costs" for? Why do we have to choose this option while actually this G/L Account is not related to GR/IR? Which configuration that we missed or wrongly setup? This case only happen when we run revaluation for GL Open Item and for USD transactions only.

Thank you very much.