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Jan 29, 2009 at 12:08 PM

HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION not working when editing HR master data


Hi all,

I search for similar problem but couldn't find any.

I am using HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION to insert record to an infotype. I proceed with standard way (ENQUEUE employee, call above fm, DEQUEUE employee). It works fine when running as executable program.

Now I want this functionality when editing EE's master data (i.e. modifiying one infotype record). For this I put the same code to some user exit. Now when executed I can proceed with creating new entry, it saves I can see how data are updated in pa30 for this EE. But when I reenter his master data are without this new record anymore.

Does anyone faced similar issue? I guess it is not allowed to use that fm when editing master data, but can't find a answer if this is the issue.

I did also a test creating this new entry for some different EE, but it neither worked.

Any info appreciated.

Thank you