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Jan 29, 2009 at 12:00 PM

C class items


Hi All,

We have a scenario in which there are a lot of C class items (bulk matrl like nuts,bolts,screws etc) for which the supplier keeps replenishing the stock on each assembly line every week.our client is using BAAN at present. For these matrls what they do is they have a fictitious qty for each of these matrls at the beginning of the year so that when the production order is confirmed these mattrls could be backflushed. they receive invoices from the supplier every week which they update every month in the system. for these items they are only concerned with the value of the matrls and not stock. These are not shown in the balance sheet for if they do show it in the finance as stock they have to do physical inventory count once in a year which they do not want to do.

Is there a way of handling this scenario in SAP?