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Jun 12, 2018 at 03:37 PM

Batch Split in Delivery - Requirement for main item not deleted (WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE_2)



We have a delivery picking scenario in which the update of the requirements does not seem to work properly when we use batch-split via IDOC, so please take some time to take a look.

1 - Our delivery looks like this - it is a replenishment delivery referencing an STO. The problem we're facing happens with item 30:

2 - MD04 looks like this before the picking (item 30 only):

3 - I execute a manual picking with batch split and my item 30 now looks like this:

4 - In MD04 I can see that the requirement for the main item has gone, and it is now replaced with requirements for the 2 sub-items - Fine!

5 - Now here's what happens when the picking is executed via IDOC - in MD04 the requirement for item 30 remains, even though the batch split has been executed:

6 - After the PGI the requirement for 30 remains, which is a problem for material planning, and forces us to use SDRQCR21 very often to correct the problem:

The IDOC that we are using (based on DELVRY03) uses FM WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE_2 to execute the picking.

Any clues on what may be causing this problem?

Best regards,



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02.jpg (52.5 kB)
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