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Jan 29, 2009 at 08:27 AM

PMIS Reports


Hi PM Experts,

Need clarification on PMIS reports

a. When i execute MCI7 report(Breakdown analysis) for a functional location, system is displaying MTTR & MTBR values based on the Notification created for the Functional location alone. The report is not considering all the Notifications created for the Equipments installed at the Functional Location. There is a SAP note (80311) which telIs the above is a standard functionality. Client is asking when he enters functional location in MCI7, the report should also consider the notifications created for Equipments that are installed in Functional Location & display the MTTR & MTBF accordingly. How this can be acheived in Standard??

b. MCI7 Breakdown analysis report was not displaying any data. Identified Info structure update parameter was set to "No Updating" & changed it to "Assynchronous updating (2) ". After making changes, report is selecting records which are created after the Update & not the previous records. Is there any settings in config which will pick up the earlier ones as well??

Quick response will be much appreciated.