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Former Member
Jan 29, 2009 at 07:42 AM

MIRO Error - Asset


Hi Experts,

While posting MIRO the system is giving an error message: Balance in trasaction type 10 negetive in area 01. Message no.AA629.

I have tried to simulate MIRO while processing the miro the system is giving a warning message the tax code is incorrect and however this is a waring message system allows me to process further and at the end the entry is as follows:

GR/IR 100 Dr

Vendor 95 Cr

Asset 5 Cr (Account Assignment)

at the time of MIRO the entry should be GR/IR Dr & Vendor Cr. But why the asset got credited here?

Since, is this difference is in exchange rate between invoide date (01/12/2008) and posting date (today). In asset explorer i found that the debit of this asset value(Rs.2/-) is less than the credit amount in this posting (Rs.5/-) it has maintained Acquisition values in OABN and OABD for area 01 all values allowed. Since, the configuration allows all values including negetive the system should post even though debits is less than the credit which leads a negetive value of the asset.

Please advise me

laxmi prodduturi