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Jan 29, 2009 at 07:38 AM

EXCISE in Customer Returned Material


Had searched, but couldnt find this kind of query

Hai All,

Actual sales - OR - DEL- pgi- Invoice - Outgoing Exc.Invoice-

now, when customer returning goods,

RE order ( with / without ref) - LR - pgr - RE - Cr for Returns ( i havent created any exc invoice for RE billing)

How to reverse the excise entries, in both cases ( with OR without ref to OR/F2)

I did - J1I7 to know find the Outgoing Exc.Invocie of original/ref Billing doc-

( how can we find, if there is no ref when creating RE-order?)

Then, I tried to Capture Exc.Invoice- J1IEX ( wrt: Without Purchase ORder -EWPO)-

I entered the Original Outgoing Excise invoice - system throws mssg as " Material Document can not be processed"-

am I following wrong path? - or you want me to Make Adjustments directly in J1IH ( all debit entries - Other adj / Credit entries- Addnl Adjust) .

Please Clarify-