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Jan 29, 2009 at 06:04 AM

data retrieval from keko table with conditions as for a group of same mat


hi Freinds,

the problem iam facing here is i have certain materials in table keko , among which i need to retrieve the material with date as the latest one for that particular material provided costing status is 'FR' and Release is "X'.

here is the example i gave where material 14ce2-1krs has 3 different dates , i need to retreive the latest one .... like this for 15ce2..

plz reply ... thanks...

Material Costing Date Costing Status Release 14CE2-1K-RS 02.25.2007 FR 14CE2-1K-RS 04.01.2007 FR X 14CE2-1K-RS 04.29.2007 FR X

15CE2 01.20.2007 FR X

15CE2 03.10.2007 FR X

15CE2 05.14.2007 FR X

15CE2 07.22.2007 FR X