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Print Delivery Note after Packing Status is completed in EWM Outbound Delivery Order

Hello colleagues,

I have a requirement to print the Delivery Note for the Outbound Delivery Order in EWM after Packing status is completed.

I came across SAP NOTE 1461585 and I tried to customize the system, in order for the PPF action for printing the delivery note to be triggered when packing status is completed.

What I did:

1. Create condition table with the following field names:









2. Activate Condition table and create access sequence for the condition table

3. Create condition type

4. Maintain Determination Procedure

5. Assign Determination Procedure to the Action Definition used for

6. Added the new condition table into the condition maintenance group for DLVP

7. Maintained Condition record for the valid combinations of action definition, doc cat, document type, GM Status (IPFI, IPIP, NSFI, NSIP), Pack Status value = 9 (Completed) and Wh Number.

Unfortunately with all this setup, the action definition for printing the Delivery note when Packing Status of the EWM Outbound Delivery Order is = 9 (Completed) it is still not triggered

Additionally, I also checked in /SCDL/DB_STATUS table, based on the ODO Document ID, in order to see the STATUS_TYPE, but the status type DPC, which is the status type for Packing, is not found in this table, and I found this quite strange, because all the other statuses available at Outbound Delivery Order level, can be checked in that table.

If anybody has ever come across a similar request, or you have other ideas about what to try, please let me know your suggestions.

Best Regards,


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2 Answers

  • Jun 15, 2018 at 08:55 AM

    Hi Alex,

    have you assigned to correct Action profile and document type? Is system trying to read condition entries? Ie. calling function to read condition entries (e.g./SAPCND/CNF_DETERMINE_NEW) ?


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    • Hi Petr,

      Thanks for replying. Yes, the system is checking through the condition table entries, because I managed to make the printout to be generated in all the other status changes of the Outbound Delivery Order in EWM (Creation of ODO, Update of ODO), but unfortunately not when packing status is updated.

      Have a nice day ahead,


  • Jun 18, 2018 at 01:54 PM

    ....also check status management customizing whether the status is active at all (SPRO node 'Define Status Profiles' somewhere under cross-process functions).

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