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Jan 28, 2009 at 04:48 PM

Error due to PI 7.1 hard coding


Hello all,

Have installed PI 7.1 and ran the post-installation steps.Now, the goal is to run a demo that will allow one to use PI 7.1 with services residing on a gsoap server.

So, one does the following:

1. http://<host>:50000/rep/

2. It then starts: http://<host>:59000/rep/start/index.jsp.

But -

The problem is that I did the post-installation steps from one host. The program then creates the page (index.jsp) above with the hard coded http address that I did the post-installation from.

In other words, if I did the post-installation from inside the network - on host "youhoo", then all throughout the document: http://<host>:59000/rep/start/index.jsp. there are references to http://youhoo:50000.


I could not run the page because I had not downloaded a JRE >= 1.5. So, the next day, I download the JRE onto a different laptop - OUTSIDE the network and then attempt to run the page again.

Because I am trying to run the program from outside the network, I may do it as:


Because all throughout the page: index.jsp, there is a reference to http://youhoo:50000, the page fails and does not work -

Again, it is because the old http address is hard coded into this page index.jsp (i.e. http://youhoo:50000 AND NOT

How can one regenerate it so that the hard code can be changed?

I hope that this has been made clear 😊