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Jan 28, 2009 at 04:25 PM

Questions on R1 and R3


Problem #1 When our users create a Crystal Report, they save the report definition in a testing folder and their userid is reflected as the owner. If the Administrator then moves or copies the report definition to a u201Cliveu201D folder, the system still reflects the original owner rather than administrator as the owner. This causes our users to call the originator of the report if they experience problems rather than the helpdesk. So --- how do I remove their name and have administrator as the owner yet retain all reports and recurring jobs that may be setup.

Problem #2 Our users never clean up after themselves when they run a report. We currently have 8000 copies of one report as well as multiple recurring jobs. Is there a job that can be setup to purge reports older than a certain date if they are not removed by our users? In addition, our users see all of the reports u2013 not just the ones they ran. Is there a way to setup BOE R3 so that our users only see their jobs and reports rather than all?

Problem #3 When making a modification to a Crystal Report, we added another parameter. When placing the new copy of the Crystal Report into production, all recurring jobs failed because the number of parameters was different. What should be our standard procedure? Do we need to recreate all recurring jobs for this report or just reschedule them and include the new parameter?