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Regarding Rebate

Dear All,

Regarding Rebate I have some qurries Plz clear it.

. I would like to offer Rebate on Sales Area wise not to a recipient.

. All products in same Division can be entitled for rebate of fix value or percentage.

. Customer can be avail only one rebate though he can surplus all the agreements (productwise,volumewise Or fixed Target) or vis. a vis.

. For Product A + Product B ( Buy One get another product free with MRP value ) Product B's G/L Entry with 1 Rs.But Product B separate can sale with origanla prize.

. All Credit memo has a single display for release.

waiting for reply....


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2 Answers

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    Mar 04, 2009 at 10:09 AM

    Dear SAP SD

    I dint read the story. Let me answer from your first question

    1) You cant maintain a rebate based on sales area. Rebate is specific on either customer or materail speciifc.

    You understand rebate as It is just a discount to customer. Rebate is the process of discount by which push more volume of sales by offering attractive discounts.

    As you said you have lacs customers in one sales area you cant maintain rebate specific to all customers. Rebate percentage is same for all customers in one sales area irrespective of sales volume or material. My question is then why do you go for rebate to map this? You can add a discount condition in pricing procedure. Give the validity period of the condition records. This will serve your purpose. The scenario which you discussed is not at all a rebate scenario.

    Product A+Product B, could never be a rebate scenario. It is best described in IS retail scenario. If you want to offer this as free when customer buys PRODUCT A & product B, then enter the material manually & maintain itemcategory TANN. This will work. Meantime just try whether you can configure this in free goods. (I dont think so)


    Deepu Pillai

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  • Jan 28, 2009 at 01:21 PM

    Hi SPT

    You will be creating rebate agreement in a sales area that rebate will be applicable to that customer who is in a particular sales area .

    If the customer can avail only one sort of rebate means then maintain only one rebate group whle maintaining a rebate agreement

    If you are asking about buy Product A and get Product B then it is possible through Bonus buy but it comes under IS-RETAIL module



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    • Hi ,

      As since I am working on the issue of Rebate I came across the some limitations. Which i tried to overcome. but still it is having some doubts...As my client would like to 6 different Rebate which are as follows... If you put some additional light it will help.

      1) Flat Scheme: This scheme will process in two ways one value base and second percentage base.

      a) Flat Scheme u2013 Value Base: This scheme is applicable on sale of particular model qty. at the time of issuing credit note of scheme value system will check the sales qty with reference of sales invoice for the particular period and scheme value per unit of material for the same period of reference invoices and will calculate the total value of scheme.

      b) Flat Scheme u2013 Percentage Base: In this type of scheme system will check the total sale value of that material with reference to total sale invoices of that material for the particular period and if that value is equal to defined sale target for scheme then system will calculate the scheme with the help of defined percentage of scheme on the sale value.

      2) Slab Scheme: This scheme can be use in two ways value base and percentage base.

      a) Slab Scheme u2013 Value Base: In this scheme some target of sales value of a particular product will define in system in slabs for a particular period and on each slab some assured value will define as a scheme. If the buyer achieve that target from any of the defined slab then based on the defined scheme condition system will calculate the scheme value for that buyer.

      b) Slab Scheme u2013 Percentage Base: In this scheme sale value targets are defined in system in different slabs and for each slab some percentage scheme is defined. If the buyer achieved any of the target system will calculate the scheme for that buyer on basis of percentage of target value.

      3) Turnover Scheme: This scheme is applicable on the turnover value of a customer for the particular period. This scheme can be also divides in two parts value or percentage. In this scheme some final target turnover value will get define in system and on the basis of that value, scheme will get calculate either the percentage on turnover value or some fix value on the turnover value.

      4) FOC Scheme: This scheme will calculate on the basis of sale of a particular model qty. in a particular period. This scheme will not have any value benefit to customer, instead of scheme value system will issue a product free of charge to customer. System will calculate this scheme on basis on condition of sales qty of defined model and instead of creating credit note of scheme value system will generate a sale invoice of Rs. 1 of scheme product and that material will get delivered to customer.

      5) Bundle Scheme: This scheme is applicable on the basis of sales qty of a defined material combination (bundle of different materials). In this system will check the sale qty and if that qty is equal to define qty of material combination then system will calculate scheme on this and will issue a credit note of scheme value.

      6) Point Scheme: This scheme also based on the sale qty of a material. In this scheme, points will define for each qty of sold material and some target will get define of a points in system. In this scheme calculation at the end of the scheme period, system will check the total number of points and if the customer is earned the point equal to set target then customer will get benefit in terms of value or gift etc.

      Waiting for Response.....

      Thanks & Regards