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Jan 28, 2009 at 12:03 PM

Accessing different annonymous content based on url alias


Hi everyone, hope you can help me.

I got portal running on our intranet, users have annonymous access to

portal content, but now I want users to access different anon content based

on the url.

So basically this is what I did:

(1) created users on UME, each one assigned to a different role with their

own content:

looks like:

user_anon1 - rl_anon_cont1

user_anon2 - rl_anon_cont2

and so on

(2) in the J2EE Engine Config Tool, added all those users into ume.login.guest_user.uniqueids

so they are assigned to portal annonymous group

(3) created url alias into web.xml and restarted portal

However, this has nothing to do with authentication yet, I want to when an user

types on their browser the portal url http://host:port/irj/alias1 the portal to login as

user_anon1 and when user types http://host:port/irj/alias2 the user_anon2 login.

Where/What should I work to achieve that?

thanks in advance,


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