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Design Studio - Obtain key from dimension based on UNX universe

Hello All,

I know this issue was raised in the past, as mentioned in the following posts:



But I have still not yet seen a satisfactory answer or any mention of this issue in SAP Incidents and/or Idea Place, and seeing that this is a big show-stopper for our development, I am taking the liberty of asking this question again.


When creating a Design Studio analysis application that is based on an Information Design Tool .unx universe, the key to a dimension is the same as its text.

This makes filtering based on a dimension selection impossible or improbable as the ID cannot be properly obtained.


I've followed the suggestions in the previous post ( to add the primary-key reference to the dimension in the business layer of the universe, and this has not resolved the issue. Likewise, I've created an attribute for the dimension in the universe and populated the component with the dimension and its attribute. I was not successful with this either.

Please see the screenshot for reference.

We are using Design Studio 1.6 SP02 (16.22) and Business Objects 4.1 SP06

Any thoughts or suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you.

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