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Jun 13, 2018 at 09:11 AM

Accessing xsodata service from UI5 application in SAP Web IDE full stack

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Hi there,

I am following this guide that explains how to create XSODATA services in SAP WEB IDE full stack and access them via the HTML5 component in the same Project.

The guide is talking about creating a sample UI5 application, accessing the model euro.xsodata (page 41), adding this as a destination in the xs-app.json file in the UI application, and then adding the destination in the mta.yaml file to point to the nodejs application where the euro.xsodata service is located.

I have followed the steps, however, the ui5 app is unable to connect to the nodejs xsodata service. I have a feeling that it is unable to read my parameters in this xs-app.json file, as even if I corrupt this json with some random characters the application runs fine without the data.

The following error is shown in the browser console:


"webapp"}, {"source":


  - name: tinyjstype: nodejs  path: tinyjs  provides:  - name: tinyjs_api  properties:  url: '${default-url}'  requires:  - name: hanamod  - name: hdi_hanamod  - name: ui5hanatype: html5  path: ui5hanaparameters:  disk-quota: 256Mmemory: 256M  build-parameters:  builder: grunt  requires:  - name: tinyjs_api  properties:name: tinyjs_be  url: 
~{url}group: destinationsProject screenshot:

Project screenshot:

Any pointers would be appreciated. Thank you!


ui5-error.png (48.3 kB)