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Jan 28, 2009 at 10:49 AM

Can I run OA84 in Production?



When we are trying to create a new asset in Production from 1st Jan 2009 we are getting the following error.

E351 you cannot determine the depreciation period on 27.01.09 for period control 11 of the period control method of phase N1 of deprection key INTERN-00001-0000.

When I try from long text with the option"the period control you entered is standar period control you can assign period control automatically",PROCEED step ,it is going to OA84 and creating from 2009.

Now question is

1.When I executed this in Quality it is working fine and I am able to create asset without any issues.Can I run this directly in Production also? or is there any way to transport in to Production ?

2.Secondly we are using year dependent variant .Can we run this at all?Where to check whether we are using STANDARD PERIOD CONTROL ?