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Jan 28, 2009 at 09:32 AM

am facing problem in BI-IP Input ready query. (Dump )


Hi All,

I am facing problem in BI-IP Input ready query.

The Query is Based on a single transactional Cube. The Cube is Empty, there are not records in the cube.

I have designed a input ready query. The structure of the query is as follows.

1) Free Characteristcs.

No Infobjects are taken in this area.

2) Rows

0Country, 0Customer, 0Material, 0G_UABSMG

3) Columns



Sales Quantity

Budget sales Price

4) Filters

I have follwing Filters on Aggrregates

Currncy Type = 00

Version = 0

Value Type = 20

Fiscal year Varaint = V3

I have also have Sales Organisation a input ready Selection Option .

When I execute the query, I get the Selection screen for Sales Orgainisation.

But after Excution I get the Follwing DUMP Message.

No roll storage space of length 1347088 available for internal storage. table blocks.

Please suggest me some solutiojn ASAP.

Thanks in advnce.