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Jan 28, 2009 at 08:39 AM

Reg. ERROR in BOM Creation


Hi all,

I am Facing the Error - Material Type HALB Cannot be used with item category L for Plant(xxxx).

I created one Finshed Goods,Semi Finshed goods,Raw material in the material master.

Then i want to create Multilevel Bom i.e.

To Produce 1 No.of Semifinshed goods - 5kg of Raw material needed.

To produce 1 No. of Finished Goods - 1 No. of Semi Fin Goods Needed.

While i was creating the first Level I.e 1no. of semi fin = 5 Kg of Raw Mtl.I faced a error Item Category L is not supported.Then I changed the Item category to N that is non stock item.So that system allowed me to save.

When i was creating the second level of BOM i.e.,1 No. of fin goods = 1 no. of semi fin goods.

the system throws the error message mentioned above.

Whats the solution for this.

Thanks in advance,