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Jan 28, 2009 at 08:00 AM

Time management: wrong number of days in IT2006


Dear forumers!

I have a quiestion concerning work schedule and time quota.

Pers. no. has a work schedule with 6 working days (sunday - week-end).

In march we have a holiday on 8th of march - and this year matches sunday. Therefore, we have to move it to monday, 9th. Everything is customized the right way (at least we guess so) - sunday is a week-end with 0 work hours, monday in this case is a work day but with a variant of 0 hours, with proper holiday class and day type.

Pers. no. is sent to vacation that lasts 32 days. The period of vacation matches the holiday.

In IT2006 Absence qoutas the value of the field Usage (proportion of an employee's absence quota that has been used up that is, deducted) is 28 days (out of 30 days of Quota amount). It means that the system deducted 4 days from 32 (vacation days) instead of 2 days.


Can we customize the work schedule or time quota so that only two days were deducted?

Best regards,


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