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Jan 28, 2009 at 04:28 AM



Hello All,

there is a template for certificate of complience, it means that this material is complied with all the standerds and so on ........, now the question is not ever customer requires that, but some do, so what happends one of the way i could think of is text control, so what happends, that certain customer when then request it, we can send a note which is desingnated for shipping department to print that certificate and put it with the delivery of the material, but the problem is that certificate is just a template, in that template the client requires all the material number to be printed that are on the sales order, everytime there is input of the material number and p.o date and p.o number is required, so if there are 30 different material in that sales order, all those 30 needs to come on that template when it is ready to ship, how to achive that in SAP?